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July 15, 2015

How to setup Arduino board with unity

  1. Download and install Arduino IDE from

    Connect your Arduino to your computer using usb cable.


  2. Select Serial port that is using Arduino board.
    Start Arduino software à Open Tool à Ports à select uno port

  3. Upload the StandardFirmata sketch to the board.

    Start Arduino software à Open the sketch via File à Examples->Firmata àStandardFirmata and then press Upload. The StandardFirmata sketch will reset all pin states. You can now close the Arduino software.


  4. Buy/Import the Uniduino package into your project.!/content/6804

    If you are on Windows, you need to change this setting:

    Edit -> Project Settings -> Player

    Now in the inspector view under Optimiziation find “Api Compatibility Level”

    Set Api Compatibility Level to: .NET 2.0


  5. Open the UniduinoTestPanel scene located under Uniduino/TestPanel in the project hierarchy. Press Play button.

  6. If you are first time, you will see a window, click on “Install serial support for OSX” button for MAC OS or click on “Install serial support for Windows” button for Windows OS. Restart unity.
  7. Change the serial port same as the one you selected in the IDE.
  8. Click on Connect Button. Wait for few seconds.


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