We are an experienced group of developers and new tech evangelists supported by a great offshore team in India

We are a team of software developers, specialised in Unity 3D, Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps and Web Development. We offer manpower for project work and customized training in the following, for customers all around the planet.

What we do?

We take your great ideas and together with you, build it. We can be cost effective but professional.


We build a prototype with you and stay with you as a support or training team till product Completion.


We offer our experience and expertise of the european market together with our talented team offshore.


Sascha Bauer

Sascha Bauer

CEO / Senior Developer

Pradeep Verma

Chief Coordinator / Senior Developer

Thomas Michel

Architect and Game Design Guru
Ravi Anand

Ravi Anand

Guest Blogger
Neeraj Singh

Neeraj Singh

Unity Dev and .Net Programmer
Lalit Kumar

Lalit Kumar

Unity Dev and .NET Programmer




We offer training on site, remote and fly me an expert. If we can't cover it maybe out expert partners can. See the full info on our training page.

aq_block_1-Unity 3D Development

Unity 3D Development

We can offer full lifecycle production, support, training or consulting for Unity from beginner level to advanced and in co-operation with our expert partners in Denmark, Kanda.

aq_block_1-Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality with Vuforia can add some great effects for a trade show or product launch. If you have any ideas you want implemented let us know.

aq_block_1-Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We can offer Android, IOS, or cross platform using Unity or Xamarin. We think Unity is the future of cross platform game or normal programming with mobile tho.

aq_block_1-Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

We are very interested in the newest technologies such as Oculus Rift,Google Glass, Kinect or Arduino. If you have a start up idea requiring these feel free to get in touch and we will see what we can do.

aq_block_1-Web Development

Web Development

We can offer any web programming from custom template programming to fully functional asp.net MVC web sites with database backend.

aq_block_1-Remote Administration

Remote Administration

We can offer administration of windows, sharepoint or other server related objects. Also training.

aq_block_1-Consulting pro bono

Consulting pro bono

We can offer a consultant....

What do our Customers say?

One to One Training was the best training experience and trainer was good with presentation and explanation John
I did SharePoint End User course. It was customized to according to my needs. I am very happy with training quality Thomas



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